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Pensa Industrial Group


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Why pensa?

Pensa Industrial Group is proud to announce that the company has succeeded in producing and selling double-walled windows with standard Upvc frames and aluminum, in line with 19 national building regulations, in line with the 19 national construction regulations. And estimate construction projects in the country. May God help us take a small step in producing and serving your loved ones throughout our vast country.


 Our sales experts with a focused and intelligent system are ready to respond to customers in Pensa's sales department, making it easy for you to place orders anywhere in the country.

Quality Control

After completing the projects, Pensa's quality control system begins systematically collecting information and evaluating projects accurately to prevent any potential problems.

Trading team

The highly specialized and professional team with all the experience and skills in the business part of the company are ready to consult, collaborate and sell parts and accessories in the window industry

Best quality services

Our Mission and Prospects

We have a very long-term vision and goals for our company in the window industry so that we can pursue these goals, relying on our own experience, and PENSA will undoubtedly be more successful in advancing our organizational goals and policies than ever before.

Our general view

We believe that a successful and principled implementation of the project can increase our company's success. Our goal is to serve and reduce energy costs in the country.

Effective working team

Our experts and engineers are some of the most skilled and experienced engineers in the window industry who have come together to execute huge projects.

Why buy from us

Technical features and capabilities

Upvc aluminum windows today are the best option for optimizing fuel consumption in buildings. Noise pollution and environmental pollution in large, congested cities on the one hand and expensive energy sources on the other hand made the Upvc and Thermal Brake windows suitable for window types.

UPVC is a type of hard polymer material that is well-insulated for heat, cooling, sound, moisture and electricity. The use of double-glazed windows will also help reduce household costs in the building, help the family economy and increase relative prosperity resulting in energy consumption.

The latest technology

We will use the latest aluminum industry technologies and Upvc to carry out your project.

Effective working team

Our experts and engineers are some of the most skilled and skilled engineers in the door and window industry all brought together to accomplish great projects.

Our ultimate goal

Quality in national production, customer satisfaction, helping industry prosper and creating employment in the country with the hope of God
Bahram Sattarian
Pensa Company Manager

We are with you
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We are with you
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We are with you
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